Integrated micro one step from PC-on-a-chip

Integrated micro one step from PC-on-a-chip
Tom Foremski
Cyrix is expected to announce today, plans for a highly integrated microprocessor aimed at the market for computer devices costing less than $500 as part of its strategy to dominate the low end of the market.
The company will describe a chip that integrates most of the functions of a full PC system with 3D graphics processing and other capabilities. It eventually hopes to be able to develop a complete PC on a chip that only requires customers to add memory chips, an input device and a monitor or TV.
The complete PC on a chip product is expected at the end of 1999. But Cyrix, a unit of National Semiconductor, faces considerable challenges in produce such a highly integrated chip. Not only are the design challenges formidable but so also are the testing and manufacturing processes.
Cyrix faces competition from Intel which is planning similar highly integrated chips aimed at the low end of the PC market. But Cyrix does have an early lead on Intel and valuable experience with its highly integrated MediaGX microprocessor.

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