Intel announce new 3D graphics processor

Intel announce new 3D graphics processor
Tom Foremski
Intel announced a new 3D graphics processor that replaces its i740 and could spark a price war in the competitive market for such chips.
The new i752 is designed to be used with Pentium III systems and it is the stand alone chip that is included in the recently announced 810 chip set for low end PCs.
“The Intel 752 offers PC users an all-terrain graphics accelerator specifically designed for the high-performance 2-D, 3-D and digital video visualization demands created by the Internet and today’s consumer and business software applications,” said Gary Thomas, general manager of the Intel Graphics Components Division.
The i752 features what Intel calls its Scalable Graphics Architecture with a common graphics instruction set and compatibility with current and future Intel graphics chips. The Intel 752 will be available in volume production in early June at $19.50 in 10,000-unit quantities.

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