Intel announces 466MHz Celeron microprocessor

Intel announces 466MHz Celeron microprocessor
Tom Foremski
Intel announced its fastest Celeron microprocessor along with a chipset integrating 3D graphics designed to target the fast growing low end PC market and bring back lost market share.
The latest Celeron runs at 466MHz at a price of $169 in volume orders. The chip offers a performance comparable with Intel’s Pentium II and Pentium III microprocessors, presenting a challenge for the company in potentially cannibalising sales of its more expensive microprocessors.
The new 810 chip set features 3D AGP graphics processing and supports software based audio, modem and DVD functions. By integrating additional functions, Intel says that PC makers can save money because they wont need additional chips. The 810 chipset will be available in June for $32.
Intel hopes that the combination of Celeron and 810 chipset will help it win back lost market share from rival Advanced Micro Devices which dominates the low end PC market.

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