Intel awards first P6 bus technology licence

Intel awards first P6 bus technology licence
Tom Foremski
Intel has licensed its crucial P6 bus technology to a third party that will produce commercial chip sets. The move marks a key change in Intel’s technology licensing policies.
Speaking at the PC Tech Forum in Silicon Valley, Intel executive vice president Paul Otellini declined to name the company, but added that, “We will license the technology to others too, but we want something in return that is of equal value.”
Intel has previously refused to license its P6 bus technology, which is used in its Pentium II microprocessors, to third parties that make commercial chip sets and has threatened some companies with legal action. Critics have accused Intel of hanging onto the P6 bus technology so that it can be the sole provider of P6 bus chip sets.
Intel’s change of heart may have been prompted by an investigation of Intel’s business practices by the Federal Trade Commission. When asked what his reaction was to the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, Otellini said, “Better them than us.”

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