Intel embedded plans cast StrongARM into darkness

Intel embedded plans cast StrongARM into darkness
Tom Foremski
Intel’s commitment to the StrongARM microprocessor it acquired from Digital Equipment, is in doubt, with senior Intel executives announcing plans to push low end Pentium II microprocessors into the embedded systems market.
Stung by the loss of a major contract to supply chips for digital set top boxes manufactured by General Instruments, Intel says that the Celeron Pentium II microprocessor will spearhead its push into embedded systems.
Speaking at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference late last week, Intel vice president and head of Intel’s consumer products group, Mike Aymar, said that Intel is readying three set top TV box system designs based on Celeron. A low end box will offer Internet access and sell for about $399, with a $599 box offering DVD support and game play, and a top end box with full PC capabilities for about $1,000.
The push behind Celeron is considered bad news for StrongARM which is a customised version of the UK designed ARM RISC microprocessor and is significantly cheaper than Celeron and more suitable for embedded systems applications.

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