Intel in surprise pact on eve of trial

Intel in surprise pact on eve of trial
Tom Foremski
One the eve of the start of the US government’s antitrust trial of chip giant Intel, both sides have agreed to delay the court proceedings to study a potential resolution of the dispute.
Intel and the Federal Trade Commission reached a preliminary settlement of the case over the weekend, and on Monday filed a motion seeking to delay the start of the antitrust trial. The details of the settlement have not been revealed.
The settlement potentially spares Intel from embarrassing revelations of a similar kind that have dogged Microsoft and its top executives in its antitrust trial.
The FTC had complained that Intel had withdrawn key information on its future microprocessors from companies with which it was in legal dispute. The settlement probably includes an Intel assurance that it will not engage in similar behaviour in future disputes. The FTC, however, had a difficult case to prove that Intel was acting as a monopoly since Intel has lost significant market share in the past year to rivals Advanced Micro Devices and Cyrix.

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