Intel invests $15m in chip equipment maker SVG

Intel invests $15m in chip equipment maker SVG
Tom Foremski
Intel has made a $15m investment in chip equipment maker Silicon Valley Group (SVG) as part of an agreement to co-develop advanced photolithography tools.
The strategic investment is part of Intel’s plans to push the envelope in terms of ever smaller chip geometries and allow it to produce advanced microprocessors at a lower cost. The deal gives Intel a 4.7 per cent stake in SVG.
“Advanced photolithography solutions are a critical element in our effort to develop each new generation of Intel microprocessors with smaller features and higher performance,” said Intel senior vice president Mike Splinter.
The two companies will collaborate on developing lithography tools using SVG’s 157 nanometre technology. The first tools are expected in 2002 and will enable Intel to produce chips with features of 0.1 micron and below compared to 0.18 micron today.

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