Intel must respond to FTC in ten days

Intel must respond to FTC in ten days
Tom Foremski
Intel has been ordered by a US judge to file a response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) antitrust complaint despite Intel’s objections that it needs more information.
Intel had filed a motion saying that the FTC has not been specific about which competitors Intel is alleged to have harmed by its actions and it has accused the FTC of reinterpreting US antitrust laws. A US judge dismissed the Intel motion and said that it has until July 13 to file a response.
The FTC complaint points to Intel using its market dominance to punish customers with which it has a legal dispute by cutting off information on future microprocessors. The FTC says that Intel has used this tactic to win favourable settlements. However, the FTC complaint names Intel customers rather than competitors, as having been harmed by its actions.

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