Intel plans Pentium II in Merced package

Intel plans Pentium II in Merced package
Tom Foremski
Intel will introduce a version of its Pentium II microprocessor in a package that will be compatible with its future Merced microprocessor, providing customers with a transition between its 32 and 64-bit microprocessors.
According to US market research firm MicroDesign Resources, the microprocessor will be introduced next year and is code-named Tanner. It will fit into the same slot as Merced, allowing customers to design motherboards that support Merced without having to wait until the Merced is in volume production, which will be at the end of 1999 or early 2000.
MicroDesign Resources says that Tanner will feature the Katmai Pentium II design with support for Intel’s extended MMX instruction set and will have an interface to the Slot M interface that Merced modules will use. Slot M is expected to use a 128-bit wide bus for faster processing and run at 200MHz compared with today’s 66MHz PC bus.

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