Intel plans venture fund for new chips

Intel plans venture fund for new chips
Tom Foremski
Intel is setting up a $250m fund to invest in companies developing technologies and products related to its IA-64 microprocessors.
The fund is financed by Intel and major computer makers such as Compaq Computer who have a strong interest in promoting the use of 64-bit Intel microprocessors in large servers and eventually in desktop systems.
Intel is keen to encourage the development of software for IA-64 since the forthcoming chips will not offer much of a performance gain in running 32-bit software. Without 64-bit software, the performance of IA-64 cannot be realised, leaving Intel with slow demand for its high end chips.
The first IA-64 microprocessor is the Merced and will be introduced in mid-2000 followed by McKinley. Intel is also producing a line of new 32-bit microprocessors because of the shortage of 64-bit software.

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