Intel pushes further into network market

Intel pushes further into network market
Tom Foremski
Intel has continued with its push into network markets by taking a 2.9 per cent stake in Silicon Valley based Proxim which develops home networking products.
The deal is valued at about $10.4m and includes an agreement for the two companies to collaborate on developing new home networking products. Market projections call for a $2bn home network market by 2002.
Proxim makes wireless networking products and it is working on versions for the home using the Home RF Shared Wireless Access Protocol. Its goal is to develop technologies and products that connect multiple computer and electronic devices within the home.
Intel is moving away from its reliance on the PC market with major invesments and acquisitions in the network equipment market. The company believes that with more efficient network technologies, the PC market will receive a boost and help drive sales of its microprocessors.

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