Intel spotlights Pentium III

Intel spotlights Pentium III
Tom Foremski
Intel will preview the Pentium III microprocessor this Wednesday as part of a major publicity event as PC makers get ready to ship new systems by the end of this month.
Intel plans to spend $300m worldwide to publicise its new microprocessor brand. But the success of the chip may not measure up to Intel’s expectations especially since the growth markets are in low end and high end microprocessor market segments.
The Pentium III features the Katmai New Instructions (KNI) which are a beefed up version of MMX instructions and speed up video and graphics functions. But businesses are not interested in multimedia functions and there is little software outside of the games market that will support KNI. With Pentium III based PC systems costing about $2,000 each, the price level is unlikely to attract IT users or consumer PC buyers.

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