Intel supports Windows CE with Pentium II

Intel supports Windows CE with Pentium II
Tom Foremski
Intel says it will optimise its Pentium II microprocessors to support Microsoft’s Windows CE as both companies target growing embedded systems markets.
Intel demonstrated a Pentium II running at 450MHz in a set-top TV box at this week’s National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. Intel also said that it would work with Microsoft on applications for “Auto PCs” based on Windows CE.
The moves are part of Intel’s grab for embedded systems markets, which are dominated by Silicon Graphics’ MIPS microprocessors and RISC microprocessors such as those from Hitachi and others. Intel is planning major price cuts and special versions of its Pentium II for embedded systems.
Microsoft’s Windows CE is designed to be used on fast RISC microprocessors and so far, no company has offered an Intel based Windows CE system.

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