Intel to introduce 600MHz StrongArm microprocessors

Intel to introduce 600MHz StrongArm microprocessors
Tom Foremski
Intel said it will introduce by the end of this year StrongArm microprocessors running at 600MHz and targeting applications in hand held computers and networking.
Intel made the announcement at the Embedded Processor Forum conference in California. It said that the chips are based on a next generation design that offers fast speeds with very small power consumption.
“Based on our current estimates, the next generation StrongARM technology is expected to deliver two to three times the performance of the current StrongARM generation while keeping power consumption below one-half watt,” said Mark Casey, StrongARM marketing director. “At speeds of 150MHz to 600MHz, next-generation StrongARM processors should deliver performance that scales from 185 to 750 MIPS while consuming only 40 to 450 milliwatts.”
MIPS technologies announced at the conference its first synthesizable processor cores, the MIPS32 4Kc and MIPS32 4Kp, code named Jade and Jade lite.

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