Intel to release 400MHz Pentium II server processor

Intel to release 400MHz Pentium II server processor
Tom Foremski
Intel will release its new Xeon high end Pentium II microprocessor for servers on June 29 along with an announcement of price cuts on its desktop microprocessors.
The Xeon microprocessors will run at 400MHz and will contain extra cache memory to speed the their performance in server systems. They can also be combined into multi-processor systems. However, Intel will charge a premium for Xeon chips with prices as high as $2700 in volume quantities.
Intel believes that the server market is less price sensitive than desktop systems and it can get away with higher profit margins while cutting prices on its desktop microprocessors by between 12 and 20 per cent.
Xeon will also be used in high end workstations competing with RISC based workstations from Sun and others.

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