Intel to set up data centres worldwide

Intel to set up data centres worldwide
Tom Foremski
Intel is steadily moving away from its reliance on the sale of microprocessors and revealed plans to set up huge data centres worldwide hosting e-commerce web sites for large companies.
At a briefing of financial analysts, Intel said that it will build about ten large data centres over the next two years. Each facility will feature thousands of web servers and will be set up to handle e-commerce transactions.
Intel also revealed a road map for future microprocessor introductions. These call for a 700MHz Pentium III Xeon in early 2000 for server applications along with a desktop Pentium III running at 700MHz in the same time period. There will also be a 500MHz Celeron microprocessor in the second half of 1999 for the low end PC market.
Mobile versions of the Pentium II will be introduced in the second half of 1999 running at 600MHz and 700MHz in early 2000. These will feature a technology that runs the microprocessor at a higher speed when it is plugged into a power outlet.

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