Intel turns up pace on new process roll-out

Intel turns up pace on new process roll-out
Tom Foremski
Intel told a meeting of financial analysts on Tuesday, that it would move to new process technologies at an accelerated rate, enabling 500MHz and above Pentium II microprocessors.
Intel CEO Craig Barrett said that Intel is rapidly moving from 0.25 micron production lines to 0.18 microns in order to improve its profit margins and also boosting microprocessor performance.
The first volume production of 0.18 micron Pentium II chips is expected by mid-1999. Intel’s aggressive pace comes as many other chip manufacturers are still shifting to 0.25 microns production lines from 0.35 microns.
Barrett added that smaller geometries also mean savings on research and development costs since new microprocessor developments are not needed to boost performance.
He added that Intel is introducing a new program so that its customers will be able to order microprocessors with very short delivery times, allowing them to cut down on inventories and build PCs in line with customer demand.

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