Intel's laptop Pentium II chips power-hungry

Intel’s laptop Pentium II chips power-hungry
Tom Foremski
Intel has introduced its first Pentium II microprocessors designed for notebook computers.
But notebook vendors may have trouble finding customers because the chip uses double the battery power and offers just 10 to 30 per cent performance increase compared with Intel’s previous mobile Pentium chips.
Major PC manufacturers have introduced notebook models based on the new chips which are available at speeds of 233 and 266MHz. The low price of the microprocessors, however, has helped to cut the price of notebook computers to record low levels, potentially sparking a strong sales cycle.
The mobile Pentium II microprocessors are sold in a new “mini cartridge” package which includes 512kbyte Level 2 cache chips. Although the mobile microprocessors consume two thirds of the power of equivalent desktop Pentium IIs, they are still power hungry and some notebook vendors have been forced to include special heat sinks to cool their notebooks.

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