Intergraph wins preliminary injunction with Intel

Intergraph wins preliminary injunction with Intel
Tom Foremski
Intergraph has won a preliminary injunction in its legal dispute with Intel, which forces the chip maker to reveal details about its future chip products.
The US District Court in Alabama, ruled that Intel maintain Intergraph as a “strategic customer” entitling it to information about future products and early chip samples.
“We believe the court is sending an unmistakably clear and far reaching message to Intel that there’s no place for coercive, monopolistic conduct in the computer industry. These decisions are setting a precedent for the industry. They show other computer companies how the courts can protect them should they be unjustly and illegally assaulted by any company wielding an overpowering market dominance,” said Intergraph CEO Jim Meadlock.
The court also said that it believes that Intergraph will be able to prove that Intel has acted in an anticompetive manner and violated the US Sherman Antitrust Act.
Intel said it was “disappointed” by the ruling and may file an appeal. It said that the ruling will have no financial impact.

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