Internet talks big

Internet talks big
Melanie Reynolds Voice-over-the-Internet will have a significant effect on the telecommunications industry, according to Motorola. It predicts that over 30 per cent of all voice traffic will be sent over data networks by 2003. “One of the things we should realise in terms of the trends of the market is that voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) is a reality, it’s going to happen,” said Gabriel Dusil, marketing director at Motorola’s Internet and networking group. “The industry has identified that data over the voice network is no longer a viable solution,” said Dusil. The maximum data speed possible over analogue lines is 64kbit/s, whereas data network already reach speeds of up to 2.5Gbit/s. “We’re saying in the industry, why spend all this effort and complexity in trying to pump data through the voice network when we can do the reverse and send voice over the data network,” said Dusil. The technology has yet to reach the general consumer but Dusil is convinced it will. Dusil was speaking at the launch of a range of multiservice concentrators which Motorola will use to offer end-to-end high capacity networks systems. VoIP market at a glance
US market research firm IDC believes the VoIP market will exceed $1.8bn by 2003. However, it notes that VoIP is still very much a trial balloon and that interoperability and standards development remain a key issue.

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