Israelis invent smart logging

Israelis invent smart loggingRichard Ball An Israeli company has developed a contactless smartcard for automatically logging computer terminals on and off. The system from First Access is aimed at reducing fraud or theft when machines are left over lunch or during breaks. Users often neglect logging off at these times. “We’re eliminating the issue of user non-compliance. Anything that is time consuming or tedious, they won’t do it,” said Alon Klein, marketing manager at First Access. “We have developed a smartcard chipset and reader which is able to perceive the card from a distance of several metres,” Klein said. Contactless smartcards normally work over much shorter distances. “As soon as the employee leaves their terminal, the system is locked,” Klein said. On returning, the system is re-activated as soon as a valid card is sensed. In case cards are lost or stolen, a password can also be used to log back on when returning to a PC. Physically the First Access system is quite simple, requiring an empty comms port. Each terminal has a client program which integrates with the Windows NT logon. A single server program runs on a network server and holds all card privileges.
The cost of the system will be around the $200 per terminal mark – “we’ll be competitively priced with existing systems which are between $200 and $400 per workstation,” said Klein.

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