Koreans cleared of SRAM dumping

Koreans cleared of SRAM dumping
Tom Foremski
The International Trade Commission (ITC) has cleared Korean chip makers of dumping SRAMs in US markets despite complaints by US companies.
Earlier this year, the US Commerce Department applied duties on Hyundai Electronics America, and other South Korean and Taiwanese SRAM makers, after finding they had dumped chips on the US market. Two US based fabless companies with ties to Asian foundries were also assessed duties.
Mark Ellsberry, vice president of marketing for Hyundai Electronics America, said: “We are pleased with ITC’s decision that Hyundai is innocent of charges of dumping SRAMs. We are confident that Hyundai will also be exonerated of the accusations of dumping DRAMs by the time the Department of Commerce finishes its reviews.”
US chip makers such as Micron Technology have lobbied the US government to make sure that Korean chip makers don’t use US government economic aid to bolster their troubled chip making operations and undercut US prices.

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