Lib Dems accuse Govt of Red Box 'botch-up'

Lib Dems accuse Govt of Red Box ‘botch-up’
Roy Rubenstein The government is working with electronics companies to produce a lighter version of its high-tech ministerial Red Box. The Liberal Democrats have criticised the initiative as being a half-baked botch-up. The original box has proved unpopular with politicians who regard it as being too unwieldy and too slow (see EW, March 4, p1). Despite denying teething problems with the boxes, a spokesman admitted that more work was now under way. The Cabinet Office is working with electronics companies to draw up a specification, with the view to producing a slimline version for late this year. But Liberal Democrat technology spokesman Nigel Jones asked: “Why are they only now trying to make it small enough to use? There was all this fanfare about the Red Boxes of the future and now we find out they’re still only halfway there. I only hope that the final version will be Millennium compliant.”

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