Low cost BiCMOS radio circuits from Fujitsu

Low cost BiCMOS radio circuits from Fujitsu
Richard Ball
Technology for making mobile phones cheaper and easier to design has been unveiled by Fujitsu.
The company has uprated its BiCMOS process to 0.65?m. “The significant step was having a smaller CMOS part,” said Bruno Koehler, manager of the European wireless design centre. This has reduced power consumption by some 30 per cent. More importantly, it allows amplifiers to operate at 3GHz. So front-end chips can be made in a standard process rather than expensive gallium arsenide.
An accompanying design methodology has been introduced. Fujitsu has developed a range of building blocks for front-end chips in mobile phones. The blocks include mixers, amplifiers and In-phase/Quadrature modems. The company plans to integrate these blocks into standard products and custom parts.

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