LSI in deal with Malaysia's Wafter Technology

LSI in deal with Malaysia’s Wafter Technology
Tom Foremski
LSI Logic will license its chip process technologies to Malaysian based Silterra for $120m plus a stake in its parent company Wafer Technology.
The five year deal calls for LSI to license its deep sub-micron G11+ and G12 process technologies to Silterra for use in its fab which is due to go operational in late 2000. LSI Logic will receive $120m in licensing fees, cost sharing benefits and an undisclosed equity position in Wafer Technology. LSI also has access to Silterra’s foundry services.
“Access to this technology positions Silterra as a serious competitor in the semiconductor manufacturing services industry. We will aggressively pursue all opportunities to develop a share in the market segment covered by the licensed technologies,” said Silterra CEO Cy Hannon.
LSI’s G12 0.18 micron process makes possible the combination of radio frequency, mixed-signal, logic and embedded memory on one chip. The technology offers 26 million usable logic gates on a 20-by-20 millimeter chip.

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