LSI system-on-a-chip process has 26m gates

LSI system-on-a-chip process has 26m gates
Tom Foremski
LSI Logic yesterday introduced its G12 technology, a system-on-a-chip technology that can be used to create custom chips with up to 26 million logic gates.
G12 capabilities are equivalent to 223m transistors on a single chip, containing radio frequency, mixed signal, embedded memory, microprocessor cores and other intellectual property cores.
The first prototype G12 designs will be produced by the end of this year with volume production in second quarter of 1999. LSI hopes to use its G12 technology to attract major design wins with high volume consumer electronics firms and repeat the success of its Sony PlayStation system-on-a-chip product.
“For the first time, G12 technology enables us to bring all system elements that formerly were separate components onto a chip that defines the architecture of the system,” said John Daane, LSI Logic executive vice president for ASIC, communications, and computer products.

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