LSI to provide I/O processor for Sony Playstation

LSI to provide I/O processor for Sony Playstation
Tom Foremski
Sony has selected LSI Logic for a plum contract to supply a key component for its second generation Playstation video games console.
LSI will supply the I/O Processor based on a MIPS core and offering 100 per cent backward compatibility with the current PlayStation. The contract is extremely valuable to LSI since the Sony Playstation is the world’s leading video games console and the next version is expected to surpass current Playstation sales of about 50 million units.
“The design challenge was to move forward in technology with added functionality, while at the same time respect the strict constraints of backward compatibility, all in a single chip that is three times as complex as our original CPU for the first generation Sony PlayStation,” said Elie Antoun, LSI Logic executive vice president for Consumer Products.
The chip includes a 32-bit LSI Logic designed MIPS microprocessor core; a USB (Universal Serial Bus) host controller core; IEEE 1394 Link core and PHY (physical layer) core plus additional enhancements.

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