Marconi's archive in new home

Marconi’s archive in new home
Melanie Reynolds Guglielmo Marconi’s archive of scientific equipment and documents is to be given a new home for its first public display. The collection will be housed in Chelmsford after an agreement was reached between the Essex Record Office, Chelmsford Borough Council and archive owners GEC. “People who are seriously interested in it seem to think this is the right decision for all concerned,” said a GEC spokesman. A suitable home for the artefacts is to be identified by a consultant who is looking at new and used buildings. Marconi’s paper collection will be moved to the Essex Record Office currently underconstruction and due for completion in 2000. The cost of the project, which is expected to be picked up by GEC, is not yet known. The archive is estimated to be valued at ?4m. Original plans to auction it two years ago were scrapped by GEC after it caused an outcry. The 350 artefacts in the collection include Marconi’s early experiments relating to the development of the first practical radio transmitters.

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