Micron ships first 64Mbit SLDRAM samples

Micron ships first 64Mbit SLDRAM samples
Tom Foremski
Micron Technology has begun shipping the first 64Mbit SLDRAM chips which will compete with high speed Rambus DRAMs for high performance PC and workstation applications.
The first chips are samples shipped to customers for engineering evaluation purposes and includes 4M x 16 and 4M x 18 configurations in 64-pin Horizontal Surface Mount and the JEDEC standard 64-pin Vertical Surface Mount.
Micron is hoping that it will find customers who don’t want to pay higher prices due to the Rambus licence fee. SLDRAM is an open industry standard and can provide data transfer rates of 1.6 gigabytes per second in desktop PCs and 6.4 gigabytes per second for high-end servers.

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