Microprocessor architecture claims performance breakthrough

Microprocessor architecture claims performance breakthrough
Tom Foremski
Silicon valley startup TeraGen says it has designed a new class of high performance embedded microprocessor chips.
The company has developed a microprocessor architecture called Thread Processor which combines the functions of microcontrollers, digital signal processors and peripheral controllers, and cuts software development time. The Thread Processor architecture is designed to process any instruction set as fast as possible.
This means that one architecture can be used for a diverse number of embedded applications and also support legacy software, a key problem with other types of embedded microprocessor architectures. Peripheral chip functions, for example, can be integrated into the chip as software.
TeraGen says that one Thread Processor can replace three or more specialised chips. The flexibility of this approach means that it is possible to quickly develop a wide range of embedded microprocessors ranging from cheap and simple 8-bit controllers to high performance 32-bit microprocessors and DSPs.

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