Microsoft adds real-time support to CE

Microsoft adds real-time support to CE
Tom Foremski
Microsoft is enhancing its Windows CE operating system with real-time capabilities, which will allow it to win new customers in embedded systems applications.
Windows CE will add support for nested interrupts, better thread response, additional task priorities, and semaphores, allowing for immediate response to external events and interrupts. Microsoft says these improvements will allow the operating system to be used in applications such as robotics, test and measurement devices, and programmable logic controllers.
“Our target of sub-50-microsecond thread latencies for typical Windows CE-based processors will open our segment to a wide range of embedded devices by allowing hardware to be monitored and controlled more effectively and efficiently,” said Harel Kodesh, general manager of the consumer appliances group at Microsoft.
The new Windows CE will be introduced in a beta release in the first quarter of 1999 with the commercial version released in the following quarter.

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