Microsoft antitrust trial to resume on June 1st

Microsoft antitrust trial to resume on June 1st
Tom Foremski
Microsoft’s antitrust trial will resume on June 1 after a long delay and Microsoft will be forced to fight another legal battle at the same time in an antitrust case brought by software developer Bristol Technology.
The US government’s antitrust trial was adjourned in late February and has allowed the US government and Microsoft to prepare their final arguments and finish up depositions of key witnesses. The new start date, however, will force Microsoft to fight two major legal battles simultaneously with the Bristol Software trial scheduled to begin on June 2.
Microsoft tried to delay the start of the Bristol trial but US District Court Judge Janet Hall denied the request and also ruled that Bristol’s lawyers may share information with lawyers on the US antitrust case, and another case being brought against Microsoft by Linux software firm Caldera.

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