Microsoft cranks up Windows 98 PR campaign

Microsoft cranks up Windows 98 PR campaign
Tom Foremski
Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in a public relations campaign seeking to build support for Windows 98 as it faces imminent US legal actions aimed at delaying the launch of the operating system.
It has organised a major publicity event for today in New York, featuring Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and senior executives of the PC industry, in its bid to convince US politicians and the public that any delay in the introduction of Windows 98 will harm the entire PC industry. A group of 26 PC industry executives signed a recent letter sent to the Department of Justice claiming that the PC industry will suffer if the operating system is delayed.
Windows 98 will be shipped to OEMs by the middle of this month and the retail release is scheduled for June 25. But a group of US state general attorneys are planning to file an antitrust lawsuit against the company because of Windows 98’s integration of Internet technologies with the operating systems.

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