Microsoft DirectX supports AMD MMX

Microsoft DirectX supports AMD MMX
Tom Foremski
Microsoft says that its new version of DirectX application programming interface will support Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) extended MMX instructions and will be out in July, giving AMD an important boost in establishing its new K6 3D microprocessor.
DirectX 6.0 will enter beta testing in May and will ship in July. DirectX is used by thousands of software developers. With built-in support for AMD’s extended MMX instructions, it will help AMD gain new customers for the K6 3D, which is currently being sampled.
The move will also force the hand of AMD rivals Cyrix and IDT which have agreed to standardise on a single extended MMX instruction set but have been bickering over final details. Microsoft has said it will not support different extended MMX instruction sets, forcing AMD, Cyrix and IDT into talks.

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