Microsoft graphics 'success'

Microsoft graphics ‘success’
Tom Foremski Microsoft has called its Talisman graphics chip initiative a success even though it will not produce a new hardware reference design, writes Tom Foremski. The software giant, however, says it will work with graphics chip companies to help improve performance in areas such as image rendering and shadow lightning. And it will push its DirectX multimedia application programming interfaces (APIs) into the high end, where the rival OpenGL APIs dominate. “We have finished with Talisman and we don’t see any need for a new reference design,” said Jay Torborg, Microsoft’s director of graphics and multimedia. “Although no single chip company has implemented the full Talisman specifications, we consider it a success since it allowed graphics chip makers to consider different concepts and we learned a lot from that process.” Talisman was introduced two years ago and caused a stir in the graphics chip industry with radical specifications to speed up PC graphics. Leading graphics chip firms licensed Talisman and some integrated Talisman features such as tiled rendering. “I think Talisman was a success even though no one produced a Talisman chip,” says Jon Peddie, head of market research firm Jon Peddie Associates. “It was a good solution at a time when memory prices were high and graphics processors were less powerful.”

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