Microsoft has outside chance of avoiding lawsuit

Microsoft has outside chance of avoiding lawsuit
Tom Foremski
Microsoft might be able to dodge a legal bullet and launch Windows 98 on schedule, if it agrees to remove constraints restricting its OEMs to certain versions of its operating system.
A group of 13 US state attorneys general are about to file a lawsuit that seeks to change Microsoft’s OEM policies and not to necessarily halt the sale of Windows 98.
However, Microsoft could still run into problems with sources close to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) claiming that an antitrust lawsuit is imminent. The DOJ suit is likely to bring up additional issues, such as Microsoft’s support for the Java language only in Windows systems.
This week is crucial to Microsoft’s Windows 98 plans, because it will begin shipping the final version of the operating system to PC manufacturers worldwide in preparation for its retail release on June 25.

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