Microware adds Java to OS-9

Microware adds Java to OS-9Richard Ball
Microware will be showing Java running on top of its flagship real time operating system, OS-9, at the Embedded Systems Show.
The company was the first RTOS vendor to license Java, claimed Trefor Hooker, European marketing manager for Microware.
“We need open standards,” said Hooker. “It allows legacy software to move to different hardware,” he pointed out.
Part of the firm’s campaign is to produce a development board, called Brutus, also on display at ESS.
Adding Java to an RTOS brings benefits: “Nortel has developed a phone around OS-9 and Java,” said Hooker. “Normal mobiles have become a commodity item. The idea of having Java is that operators can deliver more services and applications to the phone.”
This benefits the operator, as people will pay a premium for extra services.
In recent months, Microware has announced support for StrongARM, x86/Pentium embedded processors and Hitachi’s SH family. SH-3 will be the first device supported, said Hooker.
“We are committed to supporting the StrongARM process, particularly where performance and power are critical issues,” said Hooker.
StrongARM, he said, fits where high performance is needed in a portable application.
Particularly of interest are bespoke products or medium volume applications, such as handheld instruments for utility companies.
At the Show, Microware will be dishing out free evaluation copies of OS-9 running on x86 processors. “It’s a full copy of OS-9, the integrated development environment and an install wizard,” said Hooker. The copy will work for 60 days.

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