Millennium's first Action woman is former engineer

Millennium’s first Action woman is former engineer
Jon Mainwaring
Action 2000, the group co-ordinating the UK’s response to the Millennium bug, will focus its activities on key sectors essential to society and business. So says Gwynneth Flower, Action 2000’s new full-time director.
Flower, a former engineer with GEC-Marconi, explained Action 2000 will concentrate on giving the private sector advice on tackling the Millennium bug, but that its main task will be “first and foremost to prevent a crisis”.
Areas earmarked for help will be the utilities and public transport companies. “If your fax doesn’t work or car doesn’t start, then that’s not our problem,” she said.
But Flower pointed out that small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also come under Action 2000’s ambit. “Big business, in general, has got the message and is doing something,” she said. “Small business is a greater challenge. One of the things that’s taxing me at the moment is how to get to this community of over 600,000 SMEs.”

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