MIPS are number one embedded RISC microprocessors

MIPS are number one embedded RISC microprocessors
Tom Foremski
More than 48 million MIPS microprocessors were shipped last year, making it the world’s number one embedded RISC microprocessor for the second year in a row, according to the latest figures from MIPS microprocessor manufacturers.
A major factor in the success of MIPS has been key design-wins in high volume consumer electronics applications such as Sony’s popular PlayStation video games console.
US market research firm Semico Research points out that this is the first RISC architecture to exceed shipments of Motorola’s embedded microprocessors based on the CISC 68000 architecture, which shipped 46.4 million units last year.
The MIPS architecture now has almost 50 percent of the embedded RISC microprocessor market and it is expected to continue growing in terms of shipments due to new design wins in a range of consumer electronics devices.
The success of MIPS may lead to its owner, Silicon Graphics, spinning off the unit later this year. MIPS microprocessors are manufactured under license by Integrated Device Technology, LSI Logic, NEC, NKK, Philips Semiconductors, Quantum Effect Design and Toshiba. (END)

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