Mobile data market could hit $80bn by 2010

Mobile data market could hit $80bn by 2010
Richard Wilson
The value of the cellular data market worldwide is set to jump to $80bn by 2010, according to new report from telecoms consultancy Analysys.
The reports predicts that 70 per cent of businesses in developed countries that currently subscribe to cellular networks could be using advanced cellular data services by 2005.
“The most important services will be messaging and access to corporate intranets and the Internet,” said Katrina Bond, co-author of the report.
Bond says that many new companies are being attracted to the mobile communications marketplace. Internet-based companies such as Netscape, Amazon and Excite, IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and 3Com, and media companies such as CNN, Reuters and ITN, are all looking to take advantage of the opportunities the market offers.
Despite the formation of alliances such as Symbian (the Psion-led rival to Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system), the WAP Forum and Bluetooth, existing mobile network licence holders are still reckoned to be in a strong position to exploit the cellular data market.

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