Mobile phone take-up in UK higher than ever

Mobile phone take-up in UK higher than ever
Richard Wilson
Leading cellular telephone operators signed up higher numbers of new customers in the last three months compared with a year ago. Mobile phone use in Britain has never been more popular and the signs are that the market still has room to grow.
Market leader, Vodafone added over 200,000 new customers since Easter. Orange’s figure was a more modest 132,000 new mobile phone users, but both firms are signing up significantly more users now than a year ago and even when compared with the start of the 1998.
“It confirms our view that mobile telephony will ultimately be adopted by over half the population in all countries of the developed world where we provide service,” commented Chris Gent, chief executive of Vodafone.
Cellnet, the second largest operator, saw new customer numbers fall in the last three months as did the smallest operator One2One, but both were ahead of last year’s figures.
The UK currently has almost 10 million mobile phone users and the operators confidently predict that the number will rise to around 28 million, representing half of the population, by 2005.

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