Modem patents issues settled

Modem patents issues settled
Tom Foremski
Motorola and 3Com have settled their legal dispute over analogue modem technologies and have agreed to cross-license their patents related to the new V.90 56kbit/s modem standard.
3Com also granted Motorola a license to use any future patents issued to developer Brent Townshend, who developed key technologies related to V.90. 3Com has been representing Townshend and has exclusive rights to his intellectual property.
“We view this settlement with Motorola as a positive move for the communications industry and one that establishes a solid foundation for an expanded and ongoing strategic relationship between the 3Com and Motorola,” said Janice Roberts, 3Com senior vice president of worldwide business development and global marketing.
Disputes over intellectual property were a key barrier delaying the development of V.90, which in turn led to sharply lower modem sales as customers waited for a single 56kbit/s modem standard.

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