Mosaid, Toshiba in chip pact

Mosaid, Toshiba in chip pact
Tom Foremski
Canadian chip company Mosaid Technologies announced a multi-million dollar deal with Toshiba to develop a system-on-a-chip targeting the network switch market.
Under the terms of the deal, Toshiba will make a multi-million dollar contribution towards the development costs of the first chip in Mosaid’s new switching product line and will retain rights to some of the intellectual property.
“Mosaid’s ability to develop unique embedded memory architectures complements Toshiba’s network switching product strategy. This agreement will enable us to reach many more customers with our embedded technology products,” said Shigeru Komatsu, Vice President of Toshiba’s Custom LSI Division.
Mosaid is a fabless company and will turn over the designs of the network switching chip to Toshiba’s fabs for manufacture but will jointly market the chips.

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