Motorola M-Core counts design success

Motorola M-Core counts design success
Tom Foremski
Calling its recent introduction of its M-CORE microprocessor architecture a resounding success, Motorola claims an astounding $1.6bn worth of design wins.
It is an impressive achievement considering that M-CORE was introduced less than five months ago in October of 1997. M-CORE is a RISC architecture microprocessor core that is designed for high performance, low power consuming applications. It competes in many markets with microprocessor designs from UK based Advanced Risc Machine.
Most of the design wins are in the wireless market and include orders from Motorola’s wireless communications divisions, which are free to choose competitive products, and from other wireless communications firms. M-CORE is also being used in automotive markets in applications such as global positioning systems, anti-lock brakes and engine management systems.

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