Motorola pushes ColdFire with evaluation platform

Motorola pushes ColdFire with evaluation platformRichard Ball
Motorola has developed an evaluation platform for the ColdFire 5206e processor.
“The board comes complete with software, which is fully functional but has a 60 day licence,” said Elaine Gemmell, European technical marketing manager for ColdFire.
Software includes several third party development tools including compilers, debuggers and real time operating systems.
ColdFire is gaining design wins, claimed Gemmell. “ColdFire is now appearing in Sony set-top boxes, which were based on Motorola’s 68340,” she said.
Sony wanted five or six times more performance, around 40 to 50Mips, which led them to the ColdFire, Gemmell said. Other 68000 customers are also switching to ColdFire, the company claims.
The 5206e development board costs $199 and is available from Motorola ColdFire distributors.
In addition to the 5206e processor, the board provides 1Mbyte of Flash, 1Mbyte of SRAM, two serial ports, a real time clock and the capability to add up to 32Mbyte of DRAM.
An on-board ROM monitor allows users to read and write memory and disassemble assembly code. A code conversion tool enables existing 68000 code to be ported to the board.
The processor itself is manufactured using a 0.35?m process and runs at up to 54MHz. It features a multiply accumulate unit and hardware divider.

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