Motorola to develop small LCDs

Motorola to develop small LCDs
Tom Foremski
Motorola has teamed up with US company Kopin to develop and manufacture small, low priced LCD displays, based on Kopin’s CyberDisplay technology.
The CyberDisplay, described as the world’s smallest information display, is a low power 0.24-inch diagonal transmissive active matrix liquid crystal display imaging device which displays information at a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The multi-year, multi-million dollar deal is aimed at producing displays for portable communications products.
Kopin holds more than 125 key patents on flat panel displays and related technologies. Some of these technologies were developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Motorola says that the displays will be used in smart communicator type products that can surf the Internet, send and receive email, and display graphics and video images.

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