Motorola to fund 'think & link' plan

Motorola to fund ‘think & link’ plan
Tom Foremski Motorola has donated $5m to fund a research centre at the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The money will be used to help develop new types of intelligent electronic devices as part of MIT’s “think and link” project. The Motorola DigitalDNA Laboratory will be staffed by MIT researchers. “Through this new partnership, we’ll continue to create technologies that help make everyday life easier. The current ‘cacophony’ of independent gadgets and appliances will evolve into a seamless society of intelligent mechanisms,” said Nicholas Negroponte, director and co-founder of the MIT Media Lab. “For example, phones won’t ring. They’ll behave like well-trained English butlers, knowing when, and when not, to interrupt you, with the full understanding of who’s calling, and may be even why.” The funding extends Motorola’s long association with the MIT Media Lab and should result in technologies that Motorola will be able to convert into commercial products.

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