Motorola unveils revolutionary wireless smart label technology

Motorola unveils revolutionary wireless smart label technology
Tom Foremski
Motorola says it has developed a new type of wireless smart label technology that allows the printing of radio frequency identification (RFID) antennas on paper and other materials.
The BiStatix label technology was announced by Motorola’s Worldwide Smartcard Solutions Division. The company said that because BiStatix uses only silicon and printed ink it is an improvement compared with other RFID technology, which requires a costly metal coil and resonant capacitor to be embedded into a card or tag.
In addition, the tags can be crumpled and folded and even ripped and still be read. And unlike bar codes, the data can be read without requiring a line of sight systems and the data within the labels can be easily changed or updated through the wireless link. Motorola said that it is testing BiStatix in a pilot project at the US Postal Service.

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