Mouse inventor wins computing 'Nobel'

Mouse inventor wins computing ‘Nobel’
Tom Foremski
Computer pioneer and computer mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart has received the computer industry’s highest honour, with the Association for Computing Machinery awarding him the A.M. Turing Award.
Sometimes referred to as the “Nobel Prize” for the computing industry, the Turing Award is named in honour of British computer genius Alan Turing. Although Engelbart is best know for the invention of the computer mouse, he also developed key concepts such as the first graphical use interface, windows, graphics icons, hypertext and network based computing, all key technologies that form the bedrock of current computer systems and the Internet.
Engelbart says that he is not surprised that the computer mouse has become such a major success but he is surprised that nothing better has come along. He is still active in developing new ideas and one of his projects is to find a manufacturer for a five-key device that would be used with the computer mouse to improve user efficiency.

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