Multi-function smart card chip from Motorola

Multi-function smart card chip from Motorola
Tom Foremski
Motorola has introduced chips designed for smart card applications with large data storage capabilities, making it easier to produce multi-function smart cards for a variety of applications.
The Motorola chips offer as much as 32K of EEPROM memory plus RAM and ROM memory, and are offered in versions that contain an on-chip cryptography processor for uses in electronic commerce and other security applications. Motorola is also using advanced process technologies to manufacture the chips and reduce their power consumption.
Motorola is also offering the chips with a special shield that prevents external visual examination to prevent third parties from trying to extract sensitive information from smart cards.
Motorola is offering the MSC1014 and MSC1114 with a cryptographic processor and the MSC1010 and MSC1110 without the processor. It also offers customers development tools including an instruction set simulator and a synthesised emulator.
The company is hoping that the smart card market in the US will grow quickly and provide it with a large market for its chips, but so far, smart card use in the US has been slow to develop with no mainstream applications.

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